My Shared Faith Cares...

Join us in taking simple acts of kindness to the next level.

As a part of our community promise, we would love for your organization to partner with us to spread love, inspiration, and faith to members within your community. We have all experienced times of crisis, times when we needed a friend, or times when we have searched for inspiring words to keep us going through the darkest days.

Our jewelry serves as the perfect thoughtful gift for prayer group members, staff in need of a word of encouragement, or just to keep on hand for struggling members of your community. During times of crisis or grief, we need to lift each other up with prayer, love, and above all, faith.

When your church or other nonprofit organization signs up as a member of our program, you can choose our Cares monthly free gift package, which will be mailed directly to you, or hand-delivered if possible.

The Cares program helps us liquidate product in a way that supports our mission. 

It is our sincere hope that you can feel the love and care within each gift package, and that the recipient will treasure your kindness forever.

Giving back just feels good...

Order your first Cares program free gift.